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I. Nietzsche and Socrates – The Fundamental Alternatives?

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Course I. Nietzsche and Socrates : Fundamental Alternatives?


Allan Bloom argued that Nietzsche and Socrates represent two basic alternatives in approaches to ethics. For Socrates man is a rational being and the task of philosophy is to provide KNOWLEDGE of the good life. For Nietzsche such knowledge does not exist – ethics are fundamentally about VALUES – which are expressions of commitment and creativity rather than questions of objective truth. In this course we will put these of two of the most fascinating and influential figures in the history of Western civilzation in dialogue across an array of  issues like: what is the good life? Can reason attain the truth about ethics? Is virtue a form of knowledge? Where is the origin of values? What is the role of art in human life? Can we find meaning in suffering? What is the implications of the crisis of religious faith?

Instructor: Alexander Rosenthal Pubul, PhD in Philosophy – Director and Co-Founder of the Petrarch Institute in discussion with Dr. Miles Smit, PhD in philosophy and Co-Founder






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Course II.  Classical Philosophy and the Virtues

The concept of virtue is one of the most fundamental ideas in classical philosophy. For the Greeks the pursuit of virtue or excellence was the essence of a good life. In this course we will look at how the greatest of the Greek philosophers – Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle – used philosophical inquiry to understand the nature of the virtues. Can virtue be taught? Are the virtues one or many? Does living virtuously lead to happiness? What do courage, wisdom, justice, and temperance really mean? These are some of the fundamental questions we shall examine.

Our courses are designed to be both informative and practical. By the end of the course students should have a feel for the improved exercise of virtue in their daily lives!

Instructor: Alexander Rosenthal Pubul, PhD in Philosophy

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