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I. The Petrarch Centre, LTD does not sell or transmit personal information about visitors to our website to Third Parties.

II. Certain information about visitors that may include but is not necessarily limited to number of visits, pages visited,  ip addresses, time and duration of visits, and the nation from which visits emanate may be collected and reviewed in order for Petrarch Centre, LTD to better understand its audience.  By visiting this website shall be considered by Petrarch Centre, LTD to constitute consent to to gathering and reviewing such information.

III.  The website of the Petrarch Centre, LTD is a WordPress website. It is important if you have concerns about their privacy or cookie policy it is important for your to review them.  For your convenience you may find those policies here:

The Petrarch Centre, LTD is not responsible and accepts no liability for the privacy and cookie policies of third parties including WordPress.


IV. If you have any concerns about the aforesaid please don’t hesitate to contact us here:


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