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“The Petrarch Institute” is a Business Name Serving the Petrarch Centre LTD based in the UK and the Petrarch Institute LLC based in the USA.

We hope to become a kind of “Noah’s Ark for Classical Humanism” preserving an educational ideal that goes back centuries, and has been responsible for the intellectual formation of some of the most influential and accomplished persons in history. Uncompromising in our devotion to excellence, we expect to soon be offering to the general public a wide variety of educational opportunities to savor this time tested tradition. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the site!

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Currently on Offer at Udemy:

Nietzsche and Socrates


A Three-Part Series on Stoicism (May be Taken Individually)




The Making of Europe


Plato┬┤s Republic: The Rise of the Philosopher-King


Ancient and Modern Realism: Thucydides and Mearsheimer


Tolkien -Tales of Heroism and Enchantment


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